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  • Buy First, Figure It Out Later

    Meal Plan

    If this is your first time using a meal plan from us please start here! Another week of ‘buy first then figure it out later’! I’m liking this way of doing things, although it’s definitely a learning curve. Next week we probably won’t have a proper meal plan up but I have a special one in mind, so […]

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  • Meal Plan: 9th – 15th April

    Homemade sourdough pizza

    If this is your first time using a meal plan from us please start here! A couple of repeats in this week’s meal plan from last week, but mostly because they were yummy! If you are following the meal plans in order then we pushed back the sourdough pizza from last Friday. But, it’s now our favourite […]

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  • Making Rømmegrøt

    Making Rømmegrøt was an experience. A delicious experience, but also one that broke a whisk and totally didn’t turn out right. I used a mix of recipes from various places, but this was the main one. Annoyingly the measurements are in cups so some things were rounded up in grams. Also annoyingly, the recipe doesn’t say […]

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  • Meal Plan: 5th – 12th March

    If you are using our meal plan for the first time please start here. Feeds: 2 – 4 adults Estimated price: £25 – £30 depending on how many store cupboard ingredients you have What we spent: £tbc Saturday Brunch: Rømmegrøt (Norwegian sour cream porridge) Dinner: Mexican sweet potato soup Sunday Brunch: Make ahead French toast  Dinner: Brennsnut (Norwegian stew) Notes: I’ve halved […]