The idea for Bloody Good Cake came when Thierry (the meat eater) and Jenna (the pescatarian) moved in together and started making meal plans. To begin with all of the shopping was done at the closest big supermarket, which often left us lugging kilos of groceries up a hill to get home. Since this was such a pain in the butt we tried to limit how often we did the trip and made meal plans one month at a time, with the aim of shopping for everything in one go.

Later in 2015 we switched from doing monthly supermarket shops to weekly trips to the local farmers market. Out of everything this has changed the way we eat the most dramatically. Thanks to a job change and a large increase in free time we’ve recently branched out from planning just dinner to also include lunch and brunch on the weekends. We figured that these plans, which we put a lot of effort into, might also be useful to you guys. So instead of them being deleted every week we are going to share them with you here and fill you in on all of our kitchen triumphs and disasters.