Penylan Pantry Veg Box Meal Plan

Penylan Pantry Veg Box

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We are back! Sort of. The next month might be sporadic on the meal plan front. We’ve had a couple of odd weeks and relatives are here soon so we’ll be eating out a lot. Hopefully by the end of May we’ll be back up and running properly.

Because we were away for the weekend (sorry, no meals for Saturday!), and couldn’t go to the Roath market, we finally got to try out a Penylan Pantry’s veg box instead. You can order online and they deliver around Cardiff by bike. We opted for a £15 box and this is what we got: spring onions, asparagus, chestnut mushrooms, potatoes, parsnips, apples, oranges, lemon, spinach, kale, rhubarb & half a red cabbage.

We also had a couple of leftover eggs and a load of potatoes from the previous week, so potatoes feature quite heavily! I’ve discovered that I really love getting food and then making the meal plan. It forces us to eat even more seasonally and you also end up with some really cool new recipes (like the asparagus shiraae) that I would have never thought of doing!

 Feeds: 2 – 4 adults    |    Estimated price: £20    |    What we spent: £20

Meal Plan


Lunch: Choose your own adventure!
Dinner:  15min mushroom stroganoff 


Lunch: Egg mayo rolls
Dinner:  Rice stuffed pointed peppers 


Lunch: Kale salad 
Dinner:  Asparagus shiraae 


Lunch: Kale salad 
Dinner:  Cheesy potato pancakes 
Dessert: Vanilla-fried rhubarb on sugar brioche 


Lunch: Leftover potato pancakes with leftover kale salad
Dinner:  Parsnip pilaf 


Lunch: Cypriot-style potato salad
Dinner: Gnocchi with garlic butter sauce 
Dessert: Coconut cream & poached rhubard 

Shopping List


  • Tofu

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