Meal Plan 2nd – 8th April

Cabbage rolls

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 This week has been a bit of a mess for us. As you know, we are working one week ahead, so  due to birthdays and the long Easter weekend there are a few days where we hadn’t planned any meals! We also didn’t end up making a lot of the lunches due to time constraints so there might be some duplicates next week.

Feeds: 2 – 4 adults    |    Estimated price: £20    |    What we spent: £25

Meal Plan


Lunch: Eating out
Dinner: Eating out


Lunch: Dutch babies
Dinner: Roast dinner


Lunch: Make ahead French toast
Dinner: Cabbage kofta


Lunch: Creamed leek tart & salad
Dinner: Wild garlic soup (If you can’t get wild garlic, substitute for watercress.)


Lunch: Creamed leek tart & salad
Dinner: Carrot burgers


Lunch: Roast beetroot salad
Dinner: Coconut, lemongrass and lime soup


Lunch: Beetroot & mint dip
Dinner: Homemade sourdough pizza

Shopping List

Fruit, veggies & meat:

  • onions x4
  • potatoes x2
  • wild garlic x4 handfuls (approximately 200g)
  • small cabbage
  • carrots (200g)
  • leeks x3
  • beetroot (1 punnet)
  • lime x1
  • mushroom (1 handful)


  • double cream (300-400ml)
  • yoghurt / crème fraiche
  • cornflakes
  • coconut milk
  • lemongrass
  • chilli peppers


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