Meal Plan: 26th – 1st April

meal plan

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Happy Easter week! Or alternatively, happy beginning of Spring! ūüĆľ¬†As we learnt the other day we are entering the ‘hunger gap’ time of year¬†and¬†since almost all of our veggies come from the local farmers market the meal plan might be focused on less ingredients for a while. But that just means we’ll have to get creative, which is always fun! We got caught out this week and had to pick up a couple of things from the supermarket.


We are now working on the meal plan one week in advance which should hopefully mean less hassle when it comes to posting each Friday and we can make sure to give you all of the changes we made. Thanks to everyone who has been reading so far, please let us know if you find it helpful, and what we can do to improve.

Feeds: 2 Р4 adults    |    Estimated price: £20    |    What we spent: £25

Meal Plan


Lunch: Grilled cheese & pickle sandwiches
Dinner: Brown rice bowl with eggs


Lunch: Dutch babies
Dinner: Happy Easter! ūüĆľ¬†We are having a Sunday roast so we thought we’d leave this one free for you. If you are still looking for inspiration, check out our previous meal plans for ideas.


Lunch: Quick nachos
Dinner: Champ with veggie sausages & gravy


Lunch: Instant noodle cups
Dinner: Red lentil & carrot soup


Lunch: Leftover red lentil & carrot soup
Dinner:¬†Cauliflower & potato curry with rice¬†¬†We couldn’t get cauliflower at the market, so instead we substituted it for leeks!


Lunch: White bean spread & bread
Dinner: Onion & turnip soup


Lunch: Leftover onion & turnip soup
Dinner: Vegetarian cabbage rolls

Shopping List

Fruit, veggies & meat:

  • Onion x5
  • Spring onions 100g
  • Potatoes 1kg
  • Garlic bulb x1
  • Carrot x2
  • Cauliflower¬†x1
  • Eggs x6
  • Medium-sized turnip x2
  • Green cabbage x1
  • Lemon x2


  • Red lentils
  • Veggie sausages
  • Passata
  • Plain flour
  • Tortilla crisps
  • Salsa / sour cream jar
  • Cannellini beans x1 tin

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